Лист до Odoo S.A. та community 10/03/2022
18 березня, 2022 від
Лист до Odoo S.A. та community 10/03/2022
Ольга Лугова
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Dear colleagues!

We have already appealed for support to the Odoo S.A. and Odoo community due to the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. Now, in connection with the transition of the war in Ukraine to the stage of cynical and ruthless destruction by the Russian occupiers of civilians, women and children by direct air strikes on buildings, schools, hospitals, shelling of humanitarian corridors, shooting cars with refugees, critical situation at nuclear power plants due to the holding staff hostage, Ukraine needs special support in the form of sanctions and the cessation of foreign companies in Russia.

SAP, Oracle and Microsoft have already curtailed their activity in Russia. There are two options left for Russian business automation and digitalization: Russian 1C and Odoo.

Here is a quotation from a Russian source vc.ru:

" Enough time has passed and it seems that most of those foreign companies that wanted to react to the situation and express their position have already done it ... We have not received any statements from Odoo S.A. - either public or private. Therefore, we do not anticipate the departure or temporary suspension of Odoo's operations."

Given that business is the source of financing Russia's military aggression and the atrocities of the occupiers that continue in Ukraine, in central Europe, we ask Odoo S.A. to voice an official position on business development in the Russian Federation and prevent the occupiers from continuing to commit crimes on Ukrainian soil.  

In order to secure the community version of the framework, it is also necessary to stop cooperating with existing and potential OCA (Odoo Community Association) members from the Russian Federation. 

Ukrainian Odoo Community

NGO "OCA Ukraine"

NGO "Ukrainian Odoo Association" 

Лист до Odoo S.A. та community 10/03/2022
Ольга Лугова 18 березня, 2022
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